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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Rental application form california 2022

Instructions and Help about Rental application form california 2022

Music you good morning my name is Tom Warrick with just selling homes dossier today I'm going to do a complaint complimentary video now this video complements another video that I have done about the new standard a standardized lease agreement now before I show the video the video is going to be about filling out the residential tenancy agreement between land row landlord and the tenant but before I get into it and I found a nice way to to record basically your screen your PC screen and to do this you just need microphone and a program it's actually free program it's called OBS studio now if you want to use if you want to use tablet it captures the screen and all you need is a microphone to record okay so let's get into it so as you see I have the open lease agreement right here and this is basically it's going it's an entire new provincial lease the goal it's a new provincial document that is going to be effect for all tendencies in Ontario as of April 30 2022 okay and I am not sure if other provinces have standardized their there are these agreements but but until you finally did so so you can see it's it's right here I'm gonna put a link to my blog and on the blog I'm gonna actually put the agreement which you can which you can download and fill out this is the agreement that everybody gonna be using okay so so you see the standard form of lease residency residential tenancy agreement now how do you fill this out okay so so let's say I'm gonna put my name for the landlord okay then you're gonna go to Section B let's say your tenant is going to be Jack machiavelli Jack machiavelli and obviously would know okay so Machiavelli's last night oh that's how they did it it was first name last name before so machiavelli Jack and then you are the tenants or the kids kids of the tenants Music now you obviously fill out the the unit so let's say it's 75 street number 200 sunshine Avenue okay in the purpose of Ontario I am in Ottawa salesperson in Ottawa and obviously there would be like K to 3 or 2 to 3 5 J 2 and now this is important you better specify if with the lease you actually giving the tenants the right to a parking space so you would like one parking space included or excluded depending on what you want to do in the lease parking number 56 let's say ok the rental unit is a unit in a condominium now obviously that depends if you if you have condominium is going to be condemning for the purposes of this training tutorial I'm gonna say no this is important so there's going to be a schedule which is called declare the condominium declaration bylaws and Andrews which the.

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