Form Tenant Rental Application
Form Tenant Rental Application

Tenant Rental Application

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What Is A Tenant Rental Application?

Rental application form is needed in case you want to rent an apartment or a house, or if you are a landlord and you want to protect yourself from fraud. To rent out a house is not easy. However, if you are well-prepared for different situations, it is easy to avoid any difficulties. Furthermore, if you provide a legal document, it shows your tenant, that you are serious about screening process. To appear as a professional and collect more information from a lessee prepare a rental application correctly. Fortunately, you don’t have to generate samples on your own. Find an appropriate fillable template and just insert the required data according to your needs. It’s advisable to include the following tenant’s information:

  • personal contact details (full name, phone number, date of birth);

  • information about the current address (including reasons for moving and name of the previous landlord);

  • monthly pay rate;

  • employment data (position, start date, salary);

  • personal history;

  • information about a vehicle;

  • list of all the residents (each of them has to apply personally, though);

  • lease term and move-in date.

After completing the rental application form, it is necessary to sign and date a document. Other additional documents may be required.

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