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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Basic rental application form

Instructions and Help about Basic rental application form

Good evening everybody this is Kim Tucker with mid-america association of real estate investors and I want to thank everyone for taking time to join us on the webinar tonight eight o'clock on a saturday Saturday night on a Sunday night taking time out like that really will set you above the rest so why is Mike on the webinar tonight why is he taking time out on his sunday as well as the time he took out last Thursday to share with us why we should never call ourselves a landlord and again he's coming back and it shouldn't pics sharing time with us on tuesday this isn't a couple days and he's going to also be joining us best ever tool for landlords and it's free that's our webinar on tuesday why is he having these webinars well he really wanted to take a little bit of time one to get you a little bit um more acclimatized to how Mike teaches and what he has to say he's also doing these because he's coming in to teach at our monthly meeting and I'm a workshop in September and he just can't teach everything in the short amount of time that he will be here so he is sharing a little bit of pre information every well kind of like your homework so what is going on at the meeting well on Tuesday September eighth he was going to share with us ten proven keys to consistently get paid over one hundred percent of your rents every month we're going to have a lot of door prizes and a ton of information you're going to walk away with pages of notes I'm sure so be sure to bring something to take notes but what else is going on what does this cost where is it at yada yada yada so this is going to be September eight we start at six pm and go to line six to seven is networking so be sure to bring business cards and take time to meet new people during the networking we meet at the Holiday Inn at overland park that's an 87 87 reader road that's about 87th and i 35 87th and 69 highway and we are on the top floor for our meetings so you'll take the elevators to the 8th floor what does it cost members of 10 for free we'd like you to pre-register if you can so we know how many people are coming first time if you pre-register you can pre-register for free through our website Mary org everybody else if you would like to join that'd be great but if you still want to check out a meeting before you join it's $15 if you pre register on our website or it's $25 at the door so save ten bucks go online and pre-register then he's coming back on the twelfth and he's going to be sharing more of his land morning.


How do I get a food license in Mumbai?
Mumbai city is very well known by “foodies”. There are various Stalls, Hawkers, Shops, Restaurants and much more food-related business in Mumbai. Here in Mumbai, a number of economic class people reside who all prefer having roadside food which is quite cost-effective for them. But on the other hand, lot more people in Mumbai avoid having this street food who belongs to the upper class and the one who are conscious about their hygiene.Yes, it is quite obvious to look after our health, as it’s our primary concern. The quality of food which they pris very poor, and unpleasant, which really affect consumers health. Looking after all these things, the government has introduced the FSSAI license, and it is made necessary to have this license for every food-related business.They make sure whether the food is appropriate to consume or not. As a Mumbaikar, I have been noticing that there are several such stalls and food shops who are running their business without carrying this license. But, this license will surely help you if you have a food business, it will maintain the transparency between the seller and the consumers.FSSAI license which means Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.FSSAI license vary as per the business and an annual turnover of the firm or consultancy, and there are three types of FSSAI licenses which are as below:Basic LicenseThe basic license is done for transporters, hawkers, sellers, small shops, roadside stalls, In short, the one who expects the turnover under 12 lakh rupees. This license can go for small-scale industries.State LicenseState license should be done by the one who expects to have the annual turnover above 12 lakh rupees and up to 20 crore rupees, people such as distributors, marketers, restaurants, etcCentral LicenseThe central license should be done for the people who have an elite business and expects the annual turnover above rupees 20 crores, it is also possible for them to spread their business all over.Nowadays, several online and offline ways are introduced to get this license registered. There are several online services who prthe best support. I would like to share my experience when I needed a food license for my restaurant. I was really very confused to find an appropriate way to get registered with this license. I have asked many of my friends for the same concern as well as I have researched online to find out the best way. And there are few of the consultants whose service are really extraordinary. I would like to mention their name.1) LegalDocsAs my friend Mr. Neil explained about this consultancy, I am quite satisfied with his view, because I believe that LegalDocs is the one who really provides the service very well and charges very less comparing to others. Even though they are an upcoming or startup consultancy, they make sure that the documents reach within 3 - 4 days. It can be said that it is cost as well as time efficient. Please visit this website by clicking here LegalDocs2)FSSAI Food LicenseI have experienced that their service is good but it is a little costly, they prthe same service but you have to spend a little more expensive here. Please visit this website by clicking here FSSAI Food License.3) Legal RaastaLegal Raasta is one of the leading consultants for providing legal documents, but the process is a little slow as compared to the other two. Even it is highly expensive. Please visit this website by clicking here Legal RaastaI hope the shared information is enough to find a better consultant for you. You can search for an online website which will surely help you to resolve your concerns. If you find any more issues I will be pleasured answer them.
How can I get a driving licence in Bangalore?
I will summarise the entire process of getting a driving licence in Bangalore. Without Broker / agent or any driving school. Before starting, here is the checklist:No matter wherever you are in Bangalore, choose KR Puram RTO (https://goo.gl/maps/fKCEV) for getting your driving licence. Personnels there are a thousand times more civilised and honest than others. I visited Koramangala RTO first, which is ruined by agents and corrupt officials.You'll first need to apply for learning driving licence. After one month, you can apply for permanent driving licence.You would need an age proof and address proof, along with corresponding originals documents.Common age proofs- 10th class marksheet or PAN card. Address Proof is complicated. If you are an outsider, staying in a rented apartment, then you would compulsorily need 2 address proofs, both for your local address as well as your permanent address.Local address proof- A rental agreement carrying your name as "tenant" and your landlord's name as "owner", along with electricity bill in your owner's name will suffice. Visit Kormangala's BDA complex (https://goo.gl/maps/aeunM) to get your rental agreement for about Rs 170/-Permanent Address proof- Your Voter card or Passport mentioning your permanent address would suffice. If you are a localite, i.e, your permanent address is same as local address, then only permanent address alone will suffice. Check this page for comprehensive list on address and age proofs- https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrpo...You would need a few passport sized photographs.Preparations (Location- Your home)You'll first need to fill an online form for licence. Its a PDF form, that generates an application number. It only works in Windows with IE and Tenant Rental Application /4405853 Basic Rental Application Formr reader. Mac wont work, Ubuntu wont work, http://browserstack.com wont work. I used a VM created in Parallels (on Mac) to create the following cheapest possible environment (in terms of memory and labour required) that works - 1) Windows XP service Pack 3, 2) Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.133) Tenant Rental Application /4405853 Basic Rental Application Form Reader 9.4.0 (Old Version of Tenant Rental Application /4405853 Basic Rental Application Form Reader 9.4.0 Download - OldApps.com - 26.35 Mbs).Open IE and visit http://www.rto.kar.nic.in . Click on "License e-Services". Hopefully you'll be taken to https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrpo... (if they dont change the port number, etc). Accept any security confirmation if prompted.Click on "Issue of a Learning Licence to me" which should take to https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/UF/p... . Enable Tenant Rental Application /4405853 Basic Rental Application Form's browser plugin to render this PDF on IE. You should get a form like:If you have to apply for both 2 wheeler and Car, check (2) "MOTOR CYCLE WITH GEAR (NON TRANSPORT)-(MCWG )" and (4) "LMV-NT-CAR-(LMV   )"After filling the complete form, click on "Submit". You should see this message:Note down the application number. Now go back to homepage and click "Print Application Form" https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrpo.... Fill details, save and print the form. Stick your photo.Buy a brown paper folder with ribbon (compulsory). Collate the application form as printed in step 9, Age Proof, Permanent address proof and Local address proof (if applicable). Tie all papers with the ribbon, and write your name, application number and date of birth on top of the folder.Exam preparations. You'll be asked 5-10 random questions on traffic signs (maybe oral or written). Prepare these 3 sections:Mandatory Signs - http://www.rto.kar.nic.in/signs/...Cautionary Signs - http://www.rto.kar.nic.in/signs/... Informatory Signs - http://www.rto.kar.nic.in/signs/... Do prepare them well. You will be rejected if you dont pass the oral exam. (I was rejected, then I had to re-appear the next day.)We are now set to visit KR Puram RTO.In-Person Visit (Location- KR Puram RTO, Time 9:30am)Try to visit RTO before 10am. You'll finish the entire procedure in less than 20 mins.Visit the Challan counter (counter "3", if they didn't change it), submit your brown folder, with application number. You need to pay Rs 30 for each vehicle type. For Car + Bike pay only 60/- (Carry change. They refused to accept my 100 rupee note.) Tie the challan on top of other pages.Visit 1st floor. The signing officer will tally your originals with Xeroxes and approve the documents if found in order.Visit room number 2, for the Oral/written exam. The RTO inspector will ask you to explain 5-10 random signs. If you pass the exam, he'll approve your file and keep it with himself.If you fail the exam, dont panic. Your folder will be returned back to you and you'll need to re-appear for exam, the very next day. Before appearing for exam, you'll need to re-visit the signing officer (step 3). He'll stamp your file with new date. Then you can proceed for your exam.Visit after 2 working days after 3pm. Carry your ID proof. The inspector will search you file, stick your photos and handover you learning licences (2 A4 sheets- one for Car, another for geared 2-wheeler). Total cost- Rs 60/- Total RTO Visits required- 2Time Invested- 4-5 hours (including form filling and visits)I have not completed 1 month yet, so haven't appeared for Permanent licence. Will update the answer once I do so.
How do I fill out an application form to open a bank account?
I want to believe that most banks nowadays have made the process of opening bank account, which used to be cumbersome, less cumbersome. All you need to do is to approach the bank, collect the form, and fill. However if you have any difficulty in filling it, you can always call on one of the banks rep to help you out.
How do I fill out the IIFT 2022 application form?
Hi!IIFT MBA (IB) Application Form 2022 • The last date to submit the Application Form of IIFT 2022 has been extended. As per the initial notice, the last date to submit the application form was September 08, 2022. However, now the candidates may submit it untill September 15, 2022. The exam date for IIFT 2022 has also been shifted to December 03, 2022. The candidates will only be issued the admit card, if they will submit IIFT application form and fee in the prescribed format. Before filling the IIFT application form, the candidates must check the eligibility criteria because ineligible candidates will not be granted admission. The application fee for candidates is Rs. 1550, however, the candidates belonging to SC/STPWD category only need to pay Rs. 775. Check procedure to submit IIFT Application Form 2022. fee details and more information from the article below.Latest • Last date to submit IIFT application form extended until September 15, 2017.IIFT 2022 Application FormThe application form of IIFT MBA 2022 has only be released online, on http://tedu.iift.ac.in. The candidates must submit it before the laps of the deadline, which can be checked from the table below.Application form released onJuly 25, 2017Last date to submit Application form(for national candidates)September 08, 2022 September 15, 2017Last date to submit the application form(by Foreign National and NRI)February 15, 2018IIFT MBA IB entrance exam will be held onNovember 26, 2022 December 03, 2017IIFT 2022 Application FeeThe candidates should take note of the application fee before submitting the application form. The fee amount is as given below and along with it, the medium to submit the fee are also mentioned.Fee amount for IIFT 2022 Application Form is as given below:General/OBC candidatesRs 1550SC/ST/PH candidatesRs 775Foreign National/NRI/Children of NRI candidatesUS$ 80 (INR Rs. 4500)The medium to submit the application fee of IIFT 2022 is as below:Credit CardsDebit Cards (VISA/Master)Demand Draft (DD)Candidates who will submit the application fee via Demand Draft will be required to submit a DD, in favour of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, payable at New Delhi.Procedure to Submit IIFT MBA Application Form 2018Thank you & Have a nice day! :)
How do I fill the JEE (Main) application form?
This is a step by step guide to help you fill your JEE (Main) application form online brought to you by Toppr. We intend to help you save time and avoid mistakes so that you can sail through this whole process rather smoothly. In case you have any doubts, please talk to our counselors by first registering at Toppr. JEE Main Application Form is completely online and there is no offline component or downloadable application form. Here are some steps you need to follow:Step 1: Fill the Application FormEnter all the details while filling the Online Application Form and choose a strong password and security question with a relevant answer.After entering the data, an application number will be generated and it will be used to complete the remaining steps. Make sure your note down this number.Once you register, you can use this number and password for further logins. Do not share the login credentials with anyone but make sure you remember them.Step 2: Upload Scanned ImagesThe scanned images of photographs, thumb impression and signature should be in JPG/JPEG format only.While uploading the photograph, signature and thumb impression, please see its preview to check if they have been uploaded correctly.You will be able to modify/correct the particulars before the payment of fees.Step 3: Make The PaymentPayment of the Application Fees for JEE (Main) is through Debit card or Credit Card or E Challan.E-challan has to be downloaded while applying and the payment has to be made in cash at Canara Bank or Syndicate Bank or ICICI bank.After successful payment, you will be able to print the acknowledgment page. In case acknowledgment page is not generated after payment, then the transaction is cancelled and amount will be refunded.Step 4: Selection of Date/SlotIf you have opted for Computer Based Examination of Paper • 1, you should select the date/slot after payment of Examination Fee.If you do not select the date/slot, you will be allotted the date/slot on random basis depending upon availability.In case you feel you are ready to get started with filling the application form, pleaseclick here. Also, if you are in the final stages of your exam preparation process, you can brush up your concepts and solve difficult problems on Toppr.com to improve your accuracy and save time.
Has anybody applied for learning or driving license online, how is the process for the same?
Based on my own experience of getting the Driving license for Geared two wheeler on myself with no bribe/brokers, I can say the process of getting driving license in Bangalore, Karnataka can be divided into two stages.Stage 1 : Apply for Learner’s License (LLR)Visit the Sarathi website and select the New Learners license under Apply online drop down menu. Fill in all the required details, upload signature and photograph, upload required proofs, book slot, make payment (FYI the payment can also be done at the respective RTO) and visit the applied RTO on the slot date with the printed application form, xerox copies of the proofs(FYI I have submitted my rental agreement + Electricity bill for residence proof, Aadhaar card for Id proof, Birth Certificate for DOB proof) along with the originals for verification.The computer operator will verify the documents and start your test. The test contains the questions on basic traffic signs. Once passed, After 3 days, the RTO authorities would upload the Learner’s license to the sarathi website for you application number. You may take the print out of you Learner’s License. The approximate cost would be around 250 INR.Stage 2: Apply for Driving License (DL)Step 1:Once you complete 30 days after Learner license approval, you can again visit the Sarathi website and select the New Driving license under Apply online drop down menu. Fill in all the required details, book slot, make payment (FYI the payment can also be done at the respective RTO).Step 2:Visit the applied RTO on the slot date with the application print outs along with the documents of the vehicle you take for the driving test. You need to staple the Chalaan payment bill with Application form, Learner’s license printout, Slot booking appointment printout, vehicle documents, Stamped Postal cover with the delivery address written on it (This is used to send your DL through post. Usually you can get it in the shops near RTO offices). Once verified you will be directed to take the bio-metrics followed by the DL test(I was asked to go straight, take a U turn and come back which I did giving the vehicle and hand signals. In case of the RTOs having separate track installed, the test might vary). Once passed, you will be asked to sign in the DL register and be informed the DL will be dispatched through post within 20 days. If in case you have not received the driving license in 20 days, you may enquire the RTO with the application number. The estimated cost would be around 750 INR for geared two wheeler license.Note: This is as per my experience at the Electronic City RTO, Bangalore, Karnataka.Hope this helps. Thank you :)
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