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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Simple rental application

Instructions and Help about Simple rental application

Hi welcome to rental lease agreement calm in this video we're going to explain how to fill out a month-to-month lease agreement in Alabama let's start at the top this lease agreement represents the lease agreement to begin on let's say beginning of summer June 1st 2022 and to continue on a month month basis landlord and tenant may modify or terminate this lease agreement at any time by giving standard is usually 30 days written notice landlord and tenant this lease agreement is between the landlord's name is going to be Jim Scott with a mailing address of 200 Main Street city of Montgomery state of Alabama what does it go to of nine nine three four one now that probably isn't the zip code but to the tenant is going to be named Scott Jim the landlord agrees to lease the premises located at let's say this apart this is this apartments right down the street from the landlord so three hundred main street city of Montgomery state of Alabama oops sorry with the zip code oh nine three four one the tenant the furnish furnishings and appliances here you're going to write down all the furnishings and all the fur all the furnishings and appliances that are included with the rent so usually in a sublease the place is furnished I mean a month a month month lease the the place is usually furnished so we're gonna say there's a coffee maker or washer/dryer bed sofa and a TV and the restrictions here we're gonna write in the restrictions the apartment has so let's say the rooftop because the rooftop is being made being is in maintenance and it's too dangerous to go up top alterations the tenant may or may not make alterations or improvements to the place but the tenant is allowed to have pets the premises are to be used only as a private residence for the tenants listed in section 2 of this agreement and the following minor children in this section you're going to write down the minor children that are going to be in the apartment if any arcus occupancy by guests for more than typical number of days where a guest is sort of prolonged to stay would be about 31 days one month and after about one month of someone living in the place the landowner should be notified rent tenant shall pay rent to the Landlord payable to in the monthly installments let's say the rent is $2,000 and you're gonna write that numerically in this box payable the name of the landlord's name is jim scott payments are due on the 1st of every month beginning on June 1st 2022 all rent payments shall be sent to let's say his address was he lives and works at the same that place 200 Main Street city of Montgomery and you're gonna want to write in the state in the zip code in the following boxes receive rental.

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